"Solar Mountains" is a visual, sonic, chronological work of art.

It is the precise time of a day, of a trajectory, of the path of the sun on the day of the spring equinox. It is the equality of the time of darkness with that of light, but also the end of the domination of night, the beginning of a decline, until the autumn equinox.

The public witnesses the modification of a landscape, from dawn until dusk, of the day lasting 12 hours and 8 minutes, condensed into 12 minutes and 8 seconds (video above in accelerated).

 A slow circular variation of shadows on the Chartreuse mountains.

It is therefore a contemplation, all in nuances and poetry, a sweet vision for the spectator.

The device

In a dark room, a white relief model of the chartreuse, fixed vertically to the wall, with a size of about 3 meters in height.

A video projector projects the lights and shadows of the course of the sun onto this model for 12 minutes and 8 seconds.

During the process, a discreet digital clock projected next to the model marks the time.

This visual device is accompanied by a soundtrack illustrating the changes of atmosphere in a day, composed of low sounds at sunrise and sunset, and higher sounds at its zenith, but also amalgams of sounds captured in nature.

Commissioned by the Chartreuse Natural Park, with the support of the Rhône Alpes regional council. In collaboration with the Dauphinois museum.