Beauvais, capital of the department of the Oise, and place of my birth in 1963.

It is perhaps here that everything began, in this workshop of the fine arts of the city, where every Wednesday I paint, draw, sculpture. Learning and knowledge will continue in Paris a few years later in a school of applied arts (Elysa Lemonnier), then another of photography (ACE3P).

Diplomas in my pocket, I am assistant free lance for photographers, then sells photo material in a large Parisian sign. I miss the greenery, so I'm going to Tours in an audiovisual production company. Three years later, Grenoble in a photography studio.

At 33 years old, I decided to set up as a photographer. I then realize images of nature, architecture, illustration, portraits, for the press and publishing, and teaches in a school of graphic design. A decade or so ago, as my encounters in the dance of contemporary improvisation and the world of visual creation began, my professional activity evolved into a much more personal research. Thus, I am invited to collaborate with contemporary dance companies as an associate artist, realizes films, projects in "mapping" images on stage, intervenes in projects with amateur public, perform with dancers.

During all these years, I never ceased to explore the territories of creation, mixing photographic and video images. Today, I also work a lot in my workshop as a visual artist, to regain this vital need to touch the material. I do not stop at a medium or a particular practice, but choose them to make the images of my imaginary library as best as possible, make my vision of the world visible.

"We have the raw material of our lives to produce our art"
Anna Halprin.